run your own news feeeed


scroll on your own terms

In 2023, we work, play, sleep... and scroll. feeds and timelines dictate where our spare attention goes: what we read, watch and care about.

But your “for you” page isn’t really for you — it’s just the content that the company knows will keep you hooked.

What if you ran your own news feed? You could fill it with things you actually care about, not just clickbait. real journalism, not whatever your racist high-school classmate shares. Learn something new, remember to stay active, keep tabs on what matters.

feeeed is an app for that!


Follow almost any website

Subscribe via RSS, Youtube, Reddit or email

Read newsletters from your Gmail inbox

Link your Gmail and read newsletters from your inbox. The data never leaves your phone.

Super-fast reader mode

Customizable Widgets

Turn any website into a live card

No accounts or servers. Private by design.

Keep tabs on the weather

A reading list that reminds you to read

Get reminders to reach 10k steps each day

Fully chronological feed, if you want

Flashbacks from your photo library

Import flashcards and learn something while you scroll.

Follow any subreddit

Set up custom reminders that appear in your feed